Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekend Playlist: August 4th, 2017

I've been doing these posts on my Facebook lately, and thought I'd formalize them by adding them to the blog. This weekend's playlist showcases a young symphonic metal group out of Boston, a progressive project featuring Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton, a glorious gypsy punk effort, and aspiring Brazilians playing some classic heavy metal.

Primary Playlist

"Solveig" by Seven Spires

Formed in Boston, these Berklee alumni have unleashed symphonic pleasure. Adrienne Cowan's vocals soar and crush while Jack Costo's sensational guitarwork is destined for legend. Sadly not on Bandcamp but here's a couple of videos to showcase their range.


Dead Cross features the legendary talents of drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and vocalist Mike Patton (Faith No More) as they go on a whirlwind trip of chaos with each song delving deeper and deeper into the depths of pure insanity.

Eclectic ska/gypsy punk group, Russkaja was founded by Stalhammer singer Georgij Makazaria, and their new album provides the perfect escapism needed for fun weekend.

Wild Witch came out of nowhere for me while I was perusing upcoming releases a few weeks back. I was thankfully able to find a copy of the full album, and it's simply magnificent work. These two songs are only the start of what will hopefully be an enormous career.

Hope you found something to listen to and have a great weekend!

- The Catalyst

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